• Letter to Fr. Jesse Martinez

  • Now that you have been studying for the Sacrament of Confirmation, learning about the responsibility you are accepting and about the gift of the Holy Spirit you are receiving it is time to talk to Father about your decision.

    When you write your letter to Father Jesse it is important to be yourself, tell him about your journey and why the Sacrament of Confirmation is important to YOU.

    When you address your letter, you should begin with, “Dear Father Jesse”. Here are some important points to include in your letter (Do not copy down the points verbatim. Use your own words and structure.):

    1. Introduce Yourself: My name is _______________:
    2. Express that this sacrament is your desire and decision.
    3. Tell Father Jesse about all the preparation you have done for the sacrament:
      class, prayer, youth group, reflection, etc.
    4. 4. Tell Father Jesse that you have accepted responsibility for your faith, how you are going to serve your parish and community AFTER you receive the sacrament
      and how you are going to be an active member of a faith community.
    5. You can tell Father Jesse your saint name, why you chose the saint, and how the saint reflects who you want to be.
    6. You can ask your parents and Sponsor to help you compose this letter.
      Letter Format
      Use complete sentences
      When you are finished with your letter:
       Proofread one last time
       Have your parent and/or sponsor proofread it and then submit it to the RE Office.
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